Puffa Rainwear

Don't get caught without your Puffa!

Puffa Duster - Calf Length- Color in picture is Kahki (replaced by Lt. Olive)

Heat sealed seams, hood, velcro sleeves, front zipper, small cape/vent across back, snapped vent in back for riding,  inside riding leg straps, many pockets

Wash in cold water with a touch of woolite and hang to dry

Colors available:  Lt Olive, Chocolate and Navy

Price: $150.00


Keswick -   (not pictured) Same style as the duster but thigh length.  Has all the same features as the duster except no legs straps.

Colors available:  Navy and Gold

Price:  $125.00


Cottesmore Barn Coat - shown in Grenadine in picture

Fuller cut - approximately knee length, zipper front, small cape over shoulder and deep pockets

Colors Available: Black, Oyster and Grenadine

Price: $145.00


Saddledale Coat - (not pictured)

Regular cut - approximately thigh length, zipper front, slightly heavier coat with lining, numberous pockets and hood in collar.

Colors Available:  Heath (horse slobber green) and Oyster

Price:  $125.00


To place an order please contact Sherri Lower

Email: Hatsoffboutique@yahoo.com 

Telephone 352-281-3823. 

We look forward to hearing from you!